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Site Visit to Graha Sentosa Memorial Park
31st October 2004

The Graha Sentosa Memorial Park, a 200ha memorial park, is the first of its kind in Indonesia. In its first phase, the project will cover 50ha. Work on the memorial park started in June 2003.

On 31st October 2004, Grand Master Yap Cheng Hai, who has been engaged as the consultant for the project from the Feng Shui point of view to cover all aspects of landscaping and the application of his well-known water system, visited the site for the third time. His mission was to confirm that the earth works and waterways were in place.

During the site visit, Grand Master Yap was accompanied and assisted by both his son, Yap Boh Chu, and his senior student, Sidhi Wiguna Teh.

Potential clients were invited along to see Grand Master Yap at work. Grand Master Yap later gave a brief talk to these clients, pointing out to them the various landforms that made up the good Feng Shui of this memorial park.

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