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Date Commence Course City Instructor
15 Mar 2019 Elementary Lyon Solange Carlotti
18 Mar 2019 Elementary Biel, Switzerland Theresia Stillhart
23 Mar 2019 Elementary Darmstadt Niclel Zaremba
27 Mar 2019 Elementary Nice Solange Carlotti
25 Mar 2019 Intermediate Darmstadt Niclel Zaremba
1 Apr 2019 Intermediate Biel, Switzerland Theresia Stillhart
5 Apr 2019 Elementary Strasbourg Solange Carlotti
8 Apr 2019 Intermediate Montpellier Solange Carlotti
12 Apr 2019 Intermediate Lyon Solange Carlotti
25 Apr 2019 Elementary Toulouse Florence Ricaud
2 May 2019 Intermediate Nice Solange Carlotti
3 May 2019 Elementary Paris Florence Ricaud
18 May 2019 Intermediate Strasbourg Solange Carlotti
27 May 2019 Intermediate Toulouse Florence Ricaud
5 Jun 2019 Intermediate Paris Florence Ricaud
12 Jun 2019 Intermediate Marseille Solange Carlotti
12 Jun 2019 Advanced Frankfurt Master Yap Boh Chu
17 Jun 2019 Advance Practical Day Frankfurt Master Yap Boh Chu
19 Jun 2019 Yan Shou Gong Frankfurt Yap Boh Heong and
Master Yap Boh Chu
9 Aug 2019 Elementary London Nicole Zaremba
13 Sep 2019 Elementary Darmstadt Nicole Zaremba
25 Oct 2019 Intermediate Darmstadt Nicole Zaremba
6 Dec 2019 Elementary Wroclaw, Poland Elena Kuznetsova
9 Dec 2019 Intermediate Wroclaw, Poland Elena Kuznetsova

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