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The Star Property & Home Fair, Penang
18th September 2006

Participants of the Star Property & Home Fair in Penang were given some very useful tips on Feng Shui with regards to the importance of water flow in property and property selection, thanks to the enlightenment from Grand Master Yap Cheng Hai and Master Yap Boh Chu, who delivered talks on the subjects during the event.

Grand Master Yap spoke on “The Power Of Water Flow In Feng Shui”. He explained how water flows can make a difference between good and bad Feng Shui. The flow of water from the left to the right or from the right to the left can have different consequences. Different house directions, he said, would also require different types of water flows to obtain the best Feng Shui benefits. Even the placement of water ponds or any bodies of water, in fact, is important.

An excellent example of a place with the right water flow is the Prai Inai condo project. It is said to enjoy the “nine-star water element”, which brings good health, wealth and success into each home as well as generates harmonious relationships for homeowners there. What the developer did was realigning and widening the drainage system within Prai Perdana to meet the Perai River, allowing “live” water to flow into the development from the west during high tide and ebb towards the east. That was not all, though. The man-made lake in Prai Perdana’s recreational park is also flowing with “live” water from the Perai River, again helping to bring continuous supply of health and wealth to residents of that area.

Feng Shui also plays a big role in property selection and this was emphasised in Master Yap Boh Chu’s talk entitled “Selecting Property From Feng Shui Perspective” in the same event. He explored on what to do and what not to do when choosing a property. Some of the tips included avoiding sha qi or “killing forces” such as lampposts in front of the main entrance as well as property situated at road bends or below the road level. Master Yap said buyers should opt for units located about 60m from electrical pylons and watch out for property with the entrance facing water.

Members of the audience certainly went home with a new set of criteria when choosing their next property.

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