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Trip To Nice, France
12th - 25th May 2006

Nice, France’s second largest city, was Master Yap Boh Chu’s main destination while he was in the country. During his short stint there, Master Yap occupied most of his time by teaching various Feng Shui tutorial courses, running field trips, conducting the Advanced Feng Shui Practitioner’s Course as well as holding Yan Shou Gong lessons.

The field trips were arranged so that his students could apply what they had learnt from the Feng Shui courses on the general landscape of Nice. They also studied two locations – the Museum de Asiatheque, which was designed by Japanese architect Kenzo Tange, and Plaza de Phoenex.

Though busy, Master Yap still found time to explore the beautiful city, which is filled with wonderful hilltop perched villages, upscale resort cities and neighbouring Alps villages. He couldn’t resist dropping into some of the quaint shops lining the streets. His Feng Shui instinct and training told him the structures commonly used there were too narrow and not very conducive for Feng Shui. While success is possible, it will not come smoothly and easily for most of these shops.

However, Master Yap was quick to point out that some of the restaurants were doing extremely good business despite the odd structure and layout, probably because the food and service were excellent!

The place is also special because it is near Cannes, where the annual Cannes’ Film Festival is held. A first-time visitor to Nice, Master Yap has fond memories of the city. It was a beautiful place with a wonderful climate and interesting Feng Shui. Don’t be surprised to see him making another trip to Nice, which is also a short distance to Italy and Monaco.

Nice promenade evening

Walk of Nice

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