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Charity Dinner For The Global White Lion Protection Trust, South Africa
5th March 2006

In a bid to protect the sacred South African White Lions, a charity dinner was held on 5th March 2006 in Johannesburg, South Africa, during Grand Master Yap Cheng Hai’s trip to the African nation.

The event, held at Ta Yu Studio, was attended by prominent members of the business community of the capital city. Lending a huge support for the Global White Lion Protection Trust was renowned South African singer P.J. Powers.

The White Lions, found in the Timbavati Region that borders the Kruger National Park in South Africa, hold a special place in the hearts of the locals there. According to legends, the White Lions’ arrival was the fulfillment of ancient prophecy that regarded these majestic creatures as messengers from God.

Over the years, these beautiful animals have been removed from their natural habitat and brought into captive breeding or hunting programmes in South Africa. Quite a few have been sent to zoos and circuses around the world.

Sadly, all White Lions today are in captivity and they have been extinct in the wild for more than 12 years! The establishment of the Global White Lion Protection Trust by Linda Tucker in 2002 is hoped to change all that. Its mission is to protect the lions and to reintroduce them into the while – the ancestral land that is their birth right.

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