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During these 40 years I’ve been very pleased to see Grand Master Yap’s reputation growing and spreading... more

Tan Sri Dato’ (Dr)
Teo Soo Cheng

Chairman of
See Hoy Chan Group

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3rd International Feng Shui Convention (IFSC)
10th - 11th November 2007

International Feng Shui Convention (IFSC) AGM
9th November 2007

Asia Pac Geomancy Conference
21st July 2007

Visiting to Bahrain and Cyprus
3rd July 2007

Interview with German Newspaper
3rd June 2007

Talk in Tomsk, Siberia
28th April - 2nd May 2007

Talk in Gamma Hotel, Moscow
22nd April 2007

4th Beijing I Qing Convention, China
14th - 19th April 2007

CIMB Malaysia
Small Cap Conference 2007

5th March 2007

Glomac Suria Residen, Cheras Talk
28th January 2007

2007 Corporate Feng Shui
A Feng Shui Seminar That Change Your Corporate Destiny

13th, 14th January 2007

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