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Tan Sri Dato (Dr)
Teo Soo Cheng

Chairman of
See Hoy Chan Group

The knowledge and practices of Feng Shui has been passed on from generations to generations over 3000 years ago. Akin to heavily guarded knowledge and skills of the ancient Chinese, application and practise of these specialized fields of studies are generally taught to society and layman for the benefit of all.

Nonetheless, the guardians of this unique art and science are usually held on through heirs of the Master and / or appointed disciples (入门徒弟) of the Master. These disciples go through the customary initiation ceremonies which are uniquely found within the Chinese culture.

These generally involve rituals such as the customary tea ceremony (敬茶仪式) offered by the disciple to Master; where the disciple kneels in submission and respect to the Master (四拜跪礼); also involving exchange of tokens (奉礼仪式) where the disciples offer an array of items with auspicious meanings to the Master, and the Master reciprocates with a token award of inheritance such as ancient text or books, tools, or even items of symbolic representation related to the field.

The relationship between Master and disciple is so unique that it transcends even those of blood relations, such as between a father and child. A disciple is expected to treat the Master extending even beyond the 24 Filial Piety values.

Therefore when the Master appoints a disciple, it is akin to taking the disciple as his own flesh and blood, and providing him with the care and support as he would for his own child. It is also within this context that the Master passes on his wisdom and tools of trade to the disciple by ensuring that he inherits and passes it on to the next generation.

The above are significant aspects to the Master – Disciple relationship which are vital in upholding the essence of this art. With this, the significance of these elements should not be disregarded in ensuring this unique line of knowledge is passed on for the benefit of generations to come.

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