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Students who wish to become professional Feng Shui practitioners can be certified by the Yap Cheng Hai Academy. To earn this prestigious certification that serves as a license to practice anywhere around the world, students must complete all four modules of the YCH Feng Shui Learning Programme – Elementary, Intermediate, Advanced and Practical Graduate Courses.

The Practical Graduate Course is only open to those who have successfully passed the qualifying mark of the earlier three courses. Essentially a live-in course that runs over eight gruelling days, it comprises practical and theoretical studies – a good mix of classroom lessons and onsite visits. It will test the scope of the students’ knowledge, skills and analytical capabilities.

In the first few days of the course, the trainer in charge will ensure that the students are on the same footing as well as review key points from earlier courses. Then, they will be taken out of the classroom to audit various sites – both commercial and residential buildings. The students will then present their analyses and the trainer will comment and correct when necessary.

One aspect of Feng Shui introduced at this level is Yin Zhai, or the Feng Shui for graveyards. This is quite important as the practice of Feng Shui actually started with grave sites. Students are also taught the selection of timing when performing certain tasks, for example the right time to start work when renovating; when moving into a new house or office; when moving furniture; etc. The selection of right timing is just as important as that of the right location and position. Selection of timing is particularly important in Yin Zhai because it can and will affect the lives of the living descendants. So the difference between Yin Zhai and Yang Zhai (Feng Shui for the living) are clearly outlined in the course.

Students will be evaluated based on the reports and analysis they hand in. Students who excel in this course will be given the title of Practitioner of Feng Shui, Yap Cheng Hai Academy.

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