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Yap Boh Chu


Grand Master Yap Cheng Hai’s youngest son, Boh Chu graduated from the Swinburne Institute of Technology (now Swinburne University), Australia, with Double Majors in Information Technology and Accounting.

Though he devoted his earlier working life in the IT industry, Boh Chu eventually found his true calling in Feng Shui. Like others in the family, he learnt and mastered the science and skill from his father. Later, together with his father, they set up the now renowned Yap Cheng Hai Academy.

Boh Chu diligently started everything from scratch – he developed the curriculum and syllabus with the advice of the Grand Master. He also created the workbooks, slides, training materials and teaching aids for students of the academy. He is continuously putting Grand Master Yap’s thoughts, words and experiences into paper and slides.

In addition, he frequently conducts courses for Advanced and Practical Graduate levels locally and abroad. Some of his courses are also special requests from students who are familiar with his style of teaching.

As his father’s right-hand man, Boh Chu has helped Grand Master Yap in various mega projects, including the 200ha Taman Memorial Graha Sentosa in Indonesia; as well as commercial buildings in Indonesia, Saudi Arabia and Canada.

He has done countless Feng Shui readings in Malaysia, Indonesia and Europe as well.

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