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Feng Shui Master Enthralled Students at KBU
23th November 2005

Grand Master Yap Cheng Hai gave students of School of Design, KBU International College, a glimpse of Feng Shui in relation to design and art in a special Feng Shui seminar recently.

Entitled “Applying Feng Shui in Design for Art of Living”, the seminar received overwhelming response from the KBU community such as students and staff as well as the public. As it was a rare opportunity to have Grand Master Yap in their midst, KBU’s design students of various backgrounds and nationalities made full use of his presence by consulting him on various issues in their design and work that were related to elements of Feng Shui. Grand Master Yap obligingly answered questions from his audience.

In his seminar, Grand Master Yap explained how energy move in surroundings and how designs of buildings and their interiors affect those who live in them. This lecture allowed the students to have better insights into their own designs and creations.

Impressed with Grand Master Yap’s seminar, KBU’s School of Design head Anis Laila Yap said what made the seminar so uplifting was the fact that Feng Shui also calls for the understanding of the art of assessing the quality of life through observations and analysis of a person’s living environment. She firmly believed that was exactly what all designers should practise when designing their work, particularly the kind of work related to architectural space and layout.

It certainly was an eye-opening and inspiring seminar for the students of KBU International College, and one likely to remain in their memory for a long time.

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