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Feng Shui Into Tall Building Architecture & Design, Seoul
7th April 2008

Even before work starts on the development of a building, many aspects of the building’s design need to be considered. The structure, stability and safety of the building are of utmost importance. But there’s one new aspect that is slowly gaining world-wide attention – the Feng Shui of a building. And that was generally what Grandmaster Yap Cheng Hai spoke about when he was invited as a speaker on 4th July, 2008 at the 2nd Annual Tall Buildings Conference held at The Shilla Hotel & Resorts in Seoul, South Korea.

In his Feng Shui workshop entitled “Incorporating Theories and Applications of the Ancient Art of Feng Shui into Tall Building Architecture and Design”, Grandmaster Yap talked about using Feng Shui in tall buildings; exploring the “invisible architecture” – shape, symbol and sign power; harmonising architectural design with spirit, health and the environment to create “alive” spaces; architectural designs with Feng Shui as well as the energy of surrounding buildings and mountains.

Other highlights of the event included several case studies of international iconic buildings such as Taipei 101 in Taiwan, Burj Dubai in the United Arab Emirate, Sears Tower in the United States, Q1 Tower in Australia and Incheon Tower in Korea.

The high profile 3-day Marcus Evans conference was targeted at building owners, architects, designers, developers & funders, legal advisors, property/real estate agents, city/town planners and environmental strategists. It was aimed at examining the conceptual, historical and technological condition of today’s tall buildings to outline the future development with an emphasis on culture and technology for sustainable buildings.

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