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Glomac Suria Residen, Cheras Talk
28th January 2007

At the official launch of the Suria Residen Project in Cheras by Glomac, Grand Master Yap Cheng Hai gave some useful Feng Shui tips to potential buyers of the new residential property. In his talk, Grand Master Yap discussed the Feng Shui of this residential project and some general hints on selecting a property.

Many attendees of the talk took the opportunity to seek Grand Master’s Yap expert opinion on this year’s forecast. Grand Master explained that the year 2007 could be a good year if the Feng Shui is good and if there is hard work involved. In fact, hard work, he said, is essential whether the Feng Shui and forecast is good or otherwise. If one’s forecast is good, then one should reap what one can; and if one’s forecast is not as good, then one must work hard to get through the bad times – in other words, hard work pays.

During the event, Grand Master Yap also gave comments to potential property buyers on the units they have chosen using the display model of the Glomac Suria Residen project. He also helped some of them choose units that would suit them.

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