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Nicole Zaremba
Klassisches Feng Shui
Goethestrasse 31, D-64354 Reinheim, Germany

Tel: +49 6162 941788     Fax: +49 6162 969418    
Enquiries: info-at-klassisches-feng-shui.de

Coming from a German hotelbusiness family, Nicole visited many different countries and saw many beautiful places in the whole world. Born in Lebanon and grown up in Hamburg in Germany she always had been in contact with many languages and cultures.

Since her early twenties she was very interested in yoga and meditation, searching for the Qi inside the body and soul. She integrated this knowlege in her work in the management counsulting field for personality training. In 1989 Nicole read her first book about feng shui and was completely fascinated, that there where energetical laws behind the Qi in the outer land- and living surrounding.

Since 1994 Nicole had been studying feng shui with different teachers when she met Grandmaster Yap Cheng Hai and felt a strong affinity towards him and his work. Knowing that with him she would have access to the authentic classical feng shui she started her studies with him in London in 1999.

After that she attended his complete Course Series 1 - 4 for several times and is one of his accredited instructors since 2002. She teaches mainly in Germany, where she developed the so called Yeartraining, in which she combines the Elementary and Intermediate Courses into one class over 4 long weekends spread over 9 months. She includes the practical training days and the actual work with floorplans in this whole package.

Nicole works successfully with different companies, hotels and privat homes, both doing feng shui consultations for allready existing houses and also planing remodeling and new buildings from the beginning onward.

"Thank you very much Grandmaster Yap Cheng Hai for teaching and sharing your deep knowledge with the world"

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