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Boon, an international Feng Shui consultant and teacher, is a scientist by academic training.

Her father is Grandmaster Yap Cheng Hai, the well-respected scholar, teacher and practitioner of Feng Shui, who in recent years brought this classical Eastern wisdom to the West.

Boon was brought up immersed in Feng Shui then further honed her knowledge and skills through formal study. In recent years, Feng Shui has been represented in a simplistic way as it gains in popularity. She believes the multi-faceted aspects of Feng Shui need to be better communicated as it is a complex discipline and not easily presented in one simple drawing.

Her courses and practice follow her father's wisdom. The Yap Cheng Hai lineage is the first to fully integrate the different, and often apparently contradictory, Schools and Systems of Feng Shui. Moreover, she particularises Feng Shui to take into account the person or the building as she says one size does not fit all.

"With the reawakening of interest in Feng Shui, 'fashionable' versions have emerged that deviate from the authentic classical practice, without its underlying philosophy or scientific methodologies. Inappropriate practices do not produce beneficial results, and at worst, can bring harm to the occupants," she believes.

Boon promotes a deeper understanding of this ancient wisdom and provides her expert Feng Shui know-how to those who wish to enrich their lives through living in harmony with the forces of nature.

Boon also runs a successful business consultancy in strategic marketing and international business development for the biomedical industry throughout Asia Pacific. She holds an MSc in medical research, plus an MBA.

Why would you choose Boon?

  • Uses only authentic classical methods
  • Years of formal study and training from a reputable and renowned lineage
  • World-class comprehensive knowledge of all classical schools of Feng Shui
  • Unique skill in the application of a complex science, rather than just a set of recipes
  • Explains the rationale behind recommendations
  • Highly ethical and offers excellent after-sales service with clients' well-being a priority
  • Can provide referrals from her many satisfied clients

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