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Yap Boh Chu
Yap Cheng Hai Academy Sdn Bhd
11-01, 11th Floor Wisma Hangsam 1 Jalan Hang Lekir, Kuala Lumpur 50000, WP, Malaysia

Tel: +603 20708009     Fax: +603 20728009     Mobile: +6016-2010184    
Enquiries: bohch-at-ychacademy.com

Yap Boh Chu is Grand Master Yap’s youngest son and right-hand man. Like all his siblings, Boh Chu shared the same kind of enthusiasm in Feng Shui from young.

Although he’s now a Feng Shui consultant as well as a Yan Shou Gong and Chee Kim Thong Wu Shu instructor, Boh Chu holds a degree in Information Technology and Accounts from Swinburne University, Australia. He was among those who pioneered the customisation of programmes for the PDA.

Now, Boh Chu is devoting his life and time to Feng Shui, Wu Shu and other related arts.

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