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Jelena Zurbenko
Ciobiskio 3 - 37, Vilnius LT 07179, Lithuania

Tel: 37065511888    
Enquiries: fssprendimai-at-yahoo.com

My name is Jelena Zurbenko, I live in Vilnius (Lithuania). I graduated from Vilnius University as an Economist and then graduated from two more Universities abroad as Interior and Graphics Designer. I participated in some “Business Success” Master Classes of Brian Tracy (USA) and World Leaders org. (Russia).

My place in Feng Shui was predicted by Heaven. Once I saw a dream where I was told that I should find a Feng Shui Master and learn from him. And I tried. I studied from some world famous Feng Shui Masters until I met Grand Master Yap Cheng Hai and his son Master Yap Boh Chu. Their occurrence has changed my life. I graduate from the Yap Cheng Hai Academy and now I am one of the Accredited Instructors of YCH Academy.

Proper use of Feng Shui principals can help ourselves and many other people to enjoy a life full of value, good health, happiness, love and good luck. Feng Shui has thousands years of good experience and influences our lives no matter whether we have trust in it or not.

I believe in the strong power of Heaven, Feng Shui and Qi Gong. This is why I continue my studies of Chinese metaphysics (such as astrology, medicine, palmistry, face reading, qmdj) as well as Qi Gong. All these supplement each other and give better understanding of Feng Shui and yourself.

If you are reading these words it means that you are on your way to Feng Shui.

Come and join us in discovering the ancient science of Feng Shui.

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