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Florence Ricaud
23 alleé du Chateau, Colomiers 31770, France

Tel: +33665376090    
Enquiries: contact-at-traditionfengshui.com

I am a Graduate in Law and Political Sciences based in Toulouse, France. I have been working as a jurist in the field of Environment.

I have been interested in the influence of Landscape on our lives for many years. It was incredible for me to think that the environment has an influence on us. Then, I discovered the fascinating chinese knowlegde of Feng Shui. Feng Shui is an art and also a science. When we apply the Feng Shui principals to our environment and when we follow the Qi flow, we find the harmony and the balance in our lives. I knew I wanted to learn from a Master with a high knowledge and a great experience of Feng Shui, Grand Master Yap from Malaysia.

I first met Grand Master Yap and Master Boh Chu in 2009 in Paris for the Advanced course. I met them again in Malaysia for the Practical Course in 2010 when I was graduated from the Yap Cheng Hai Academy, and later for Feng Shui training and the instructors’ training in Malaysia. It is so rewarding and such a pleasure to discuss Feng Shui so easily with Grand Master Yap, he is always encouraging me to ask my “silly questions”.

I work now as a Feng Shui consultant and it’s a honour and a privilege for me to be one of Grand Master Yap’s accredited instructors. I teach both the Elementary and Intermediate classes in France, essentially in Paris. These courses will allow you to study this wonderful information for your own sake, your family and friends or if you want to become a practicing practitioner. After completing these two courses, you will continue to study under Grand Master Yap himself for the Advanced and Practical Courses.

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